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Roland Drums


Big Performance, Small Price

It might look small, but the HD-3 sounds and performs impressively large. With Roland’s legendary V-Drum know-how at the core, this little kit is a dream for first-timer or casual players as well as for parents, since the volume level can be completely controlled via volume knob and/or headphones.



Roland’s V-Drums are world famous for their incredible sound and expressive performance. Today, the V-Drums family gets an exciting new addition with the HD-3 — a new-generation drum kit that expands the definition of drumming. This compact kit is powerful and expressive enough for pros yet fun and friendly enough for beginners, gamers, and home-entertainment enthusiasts. You don’t need to be a drummer to enjoy this fun, cool instrument for every home.

PM-03 Personal Drum Monitor

Compact, Stylish Monitor with 2.1-Channel Speaker

Small Price, Big Performance

Its footprint is small, but the HD-3 sounds and performs impressively large. Based on Roland’s legendary V-Drums, this little kit is a dream for beginners, casual players, gamers, as well as for parents, since the volume level can be completely controlled via volume knob and/or headphones.

Newly Improved Pads

Play the comfortable new cloth-head pads that feel and respond like acoustic toms. The beater-less kick pad has also been enhanced for comfort and improved playing response.

Play-Along Fun

The HD-3 is equipped with a mix input jack for connecting CD-players, MP3 players, and other audio sources. Jam along with your favorite songs, and control the blend of music and your live drumming through headphones or an amplifier*.

* Optional PM-03 Personal Drum Monitor.

Family Centerpiece

The HD-3 is a great way to enhance musical expression and enjoyment in your home. Used along with other popular instruments such as Roland’s digital pianos, the HD-3 will serve as the nucleus for family fun and musical enrichment.





td 4
TD 4

Fun to Play, Comfortable to Use, and Great for Practice

A dream for drummers, the new TD-4K offers outstanding feel, versatility, and affordability. With Roland’s patented mesh V-pad snare, the TD-4K is a pleasure to play. It’s ideal for practice, thanks to its Mix in function, Coach Mode, and Quick Rec. It’s also a great choice for the project studio, with improved sound quality and expressiveness, and MIDI output for sequencing or triggering other sounds.

Sound Bank

With four times the wave memory of its predecessor, the TD-4 is loaded with great drum and percussion instruments and kits. Kits can be customized with virtual tuning and muffling for the kick, snare, and toms. Ambience effects optimized for drums can be adjusted as well.

Coach Mode

The TD-4 is equipped with Roland’s acclaimed Coach Mode, which helps you build speed, stamina and accuracy. Five skill-building exercises are onboard, including the new Warm Ups that lets you practice different exercises consecutively for 5, 10, or 15 minutes. The new Tempo Check also helps you keep consistent time by lowering the metronome volume when you are playing accurately or vice versa, and raising the click volume when you are playing out of time.

Upgrade Path

As your needs grow, so too can theTD-4K. Upgrade to a VH-11 V-Hi-Hat for enhanced realism, or replace the ride cymbal with a CY-12R/C three-way trigger V-Cymbal for playing the bell, bow, and edge.











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