Clock Service Repair

Our factory trained technicians are able to service and repair  your clock. We service grandfather, wall , mantle & cuckoo  clocks.

Clock Service-Repair

To increase the life of your clock’s movement your clock requires regular oiling a minimum of once every two years.
In addition your clock’s movement should be thoroughly cleaned every five to ten years depending on climate conditions.

Service Rates (Oiling & adjustment)

  • Grandfather clock in our general service area is $165.00 plus tax
  • Wall & mantle clocks left at our $75.00 plus tax.
  • Movements that need to be rebuilt are quoted on an individual basis.
  • Call us. We maybe able to diagnose your clock issues over the phone.

If your clock has stopped running here are a few things you can check yourself before booking a service call. 

  1. Make sure the clock is wound up fully.
  2. Make sure the hands are not touching each or hitting the glass or the dial.
  3. Listen to the beat of the clock , it should be even. A clock that is “in beat” sounds like tick…tock …tick…tock. A clock that is “out of beat” sounds like tick..tock……………..tick..tock…………….tick. 
Clock Service Repair on bench
Clock Service Repair movement
Clock Service Repair finished

Factory Training At Howard Miller

clock service repair HowardMiller Training
Setting up Clocks Howard Miller Training
Howard Miller Factory training
Clocks being timed Howard Miller Factory
Video Recording of Training at Howard Miller Factory
Mantle clocks at the Howard Miller Factory
Howard Miller Curio Grandfather Clocks on the line

We are a registered service center for Howard Miller Clocks.

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