Roland Digital Premium Piano

The Roland Premium Digital Piano Series  has been internationally recognized by the largest and most respected design competitions in the world. The overall lineup received both the

Roland lx 705 digital piano

Superior piano tone with four-speaker system in the LX700 series’ most affordable model

Roland LX 705 Digital Piano from $4,899.00 & up

It needn’t cost the earth to enjoy the thrilling performance of an acoustic grand piano at home. Introducing the Roland LX705. While the most demanding pianists investigate the flagship LX708 and mid-priced LX706 models, budget-conscious musicians will be impressed by the LX705, which retains many of the same standout features in a highly competitive package. Inside the LX700 series’ most compact cabinet, you’ll find a choice of authentic piano tones and onboard ambience effects, plus tutorial features, Bluetooth connectivity and the responsive PHA-50 keyboard that lets your fingers fly. And with a four-speaker system bringing your music into the world, the entry-level to the LX700 series still punches well above its weight.piano, it’s essential to find an instrument that suits your lifestyle, budget, and space.  



The high-end home piano with six-speaker system, grand tone and ambience effects


Roland LX 706 Digital Piano from $7,199.00 & up

For players investigating the Roland LX700 series and looking for the right balance between features and price, the LX706 demands a closer look. Designed for discerning pianists, the LX706 sits at the mid-point of the LX700 range, recreating the classic performance of an acoustic grand in a home-friendly format. Just like the flagship LX708 model, you’ll find a choice of authentic piano tones and onboard ambience technology, plus a dynamic Hybrid Grand Keyboard to spark your creativity. But with a more compact cabinet, closed-lid design and six-speaker system, the LX706 matches its pro-level performance with a budget-conscious price.

Roland LX708 Digital Piano

The luxury eight-speaker piano with grand tone and auditorium ambience

Roland LX 708 Digital Piano from $8,899.00 & up

As the flagship of Roland’s LX700 series, the LX708 recreates all the pleasures of playing a traditional grand piano in a great live venue. Standing out among the LX range with its tall, commanding cabinet and a lid that opens for optimum sound projection, this luxurious instrument makes a bold statement in your home. And with its powerful eight-speaker system ready to fill your home with music, the LX708 is the ultimate choice for discerning players.

For its exemplary design, the LX708 was honored with the Good Design Award 2018 from the Japan Institute of Design and Promotion.

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