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We have the largest display of  Grandfather-Wall-Mantle-and Cuckoo clocks in the Durham Region

Authorized “Premiere Dealer” for Howard Miller Clocks.

 A large selection to choose from with the best pricing possible!

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A Clock is a welcome addition to any home and  is best viewed in person.

It is impossible to get a real feel of size, colour, or sound, which is unique to each individual clock! Book an appointment to come see them in our showroom. 

We also carry some retired models that are no longer in production
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To increase the life of your clock’s movement your clock requires regular oiling a minimum of once every two years.
In addition your clock’s movement should be thoroughly cleaned every five to ten years depending on climate conditions.

Service Rates (Oiling & adjustment)

  • Grandfather clock in our general service area is $165.00 plus tax
  • Wall & mantle clocks left at our $75.00 plus tax.
  • Movements that need to be rebuilt are quoted on an individual basis.

Our factory trained technicians are able to service your grandfather, wall , and mantle clocks.

Customers reviews

I brought a Grandfather clock into Telep to repair, it wasn't just a clock, it was built by my Father some 50-years ago. It would run for a couple hours and stop. Telep repaired it and now it works like new. Thank you Telep, you didn't just repair a Grandfather clock, you brought back a childhood memory.
Rob A

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