Piano Removal Disposal

Piano Disposal Removal in the Durham Region.

Piano Disposal Removal of a worn out piano

Sadly some pianos are just too far gone to repair.

  • Contact Telep Pianos today to learn more about our piano disposal services.
  • Over 40 years of experience removing and disposing of all  types of pianos.
  • Telep Pianos will get the job done saftley, quickly and affordably without damaging your home or property.

Do you have to  make a difficult decision about your piano? 

  • Is it going to cost too much to repair?
  • No one plays it anymore.
  • Your moving and can’t take it with you.
  • You can’t find anyone to take your piano.
  • Can you donate it to a church or organization?
  • Are the parts of the piano worth anything?

These are all great and valid questions but answers all depend on the make and model of your piano, the age and condition.

Pleaase call us and we will try and answer your questions and give you some free advice.

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