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Samick Upright – Grand Pianos

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Why Buy a Samick Upright – Grand Piano?

Today’s piano market may seem very confusing. Dealers all say they have the best piano on the market. 

We a have sold and serviced Samick Pianos since 1979. They are an affordable piano and have been enjoyed by many of our customers for over 40 years. We have sold Samick pianos to churches, schools and other institutions.

Samick pianos have with stood the test of time and will be our main piano line for years to come. We invite you to come to our showroom and try a Samick Piano – compare it with other brands, we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised!

Samick Upright – Grand Pianos

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In building a quality musical instrument – the difference is in the attention to detail. If  you compare a Samick piano to other brands, look closely at the way the action is made. See how the soundboard ribs are notched into the soundboard liner.


Notice that for strength, Samick utilizes both a full perimeter cast iron plate and four heavy duty laminated back posts. The soundboard is crafted of the same materials Samick uses to make soundboards for nearly one million acoustic guitars each year!


The piano must have the durability to withstand decades of tension from the strings. Samick Pianos are made from over 6 different species of woods to use the best material for it’s given purpose. Samick owns the largest wood products division in the industry to use select, clear woods for it’s pianos. All of the exposed hardware on the exterior of the piano is Solid Brass, so there are no plated surfaces to wear over age.


The entire piano is manufactured under the quality control of The International Standards Organization, ISO 9000 as well as several other quality certifications. Samick Pianos  offer a Twelve Year Limited Warranty to all of their purchasers. 


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